Archaeological Dowsing

Landscape Tours Available

Our Archaeological Dowsing Tours are available in the same locations as regular tours, but are adapted to suit people wanting to know more about Archaeological Dowsing.


What is Archaeological Dowsing?

Archaeological Dowsing aims to demonstrate the ability to find archaeological and other underground features by means of dowsing and, where feasible, encourage their excavation.

Dowsing can make a valuable contribution to sub-soil exploration, and our Archaeological Dowsing Tours aim to demonstrate this in action.

The Hampshire Archaeological Dowsers and associated groups have completed dowsing surveys on sites, recorded buried structures and produced comprehensive reports. Subsequent geophysical surveys have shown an agreement with their surveys. Subsequent excavations revealed the features, such as walls, subterranean watercourses, cavities, and tunnels, indicated on the dowsed site plan.

What makes an Archaeological Dowsing Landscape Tour different?

We welcome people of all abilities, even if you have never tried dowsing before. We will show you how we use the dowsing rods, and how we record our findings.

We can show you why the locations of monuments were selected by our ancestors, by dowsing for and locating the energy lines which are located at these sites.

You can find out more about dowsing at the Hampshire Archaeological Dowsers website